Additional Services

Additional Services

Oral Designs Dental Laboratory is your resource for value-added services that can ensure the highest degree of success for every case. Our team of experts will gladly assist your team in achieving patient satisfaction.

Case Planning

At Oral Designs, we believe our success and your success go hand-in-hand, which is why you can depend on us for valuable resources and comprehensive case consultation. As part of your dental team, we utilize our extensive training, knowledge, and experience to provide your patients with superb restorations. We invite you to put our expertise to work. We welcome your questions and are happy to assist you on even your most difficult cases. Call today for technical assistance over the phone, or set-up an in-office meeting with one of our team leaders to help plan your next case.

Chairside Assistance and Conversion

The Oral Designs team is made of industry experts who will gladly assist you chairside at your practice. We are your resource for knowledgeable support that will streamline your case and make implant surgery stress-free. We will also provision your patient's traditional denture into an immediately loading temporary. This temp will protect the healing abutments and ensure your patient has a safe and esthetic healing process until the final restoration is ready.

Custom Shade

Our laboratory's shading area is an extension of your dental practice and we utilize it to ensure optimal shade matching. We achieve the most accurate results by taking shades in a professional setting with a neutral background under color corrective lighting. All custom shades are taken by our experiences cosmetics technicians, using the latest shade guides from VITA® and Ivoclar, with a Shade Wand for perfect lighting.

To ensure the esthetics and vitality you and your patients desire, we invite you to send them to our lab. There they can comfortably watch a flat screen TV while a custom shade is identified to match their natural teeth's value, chroma, and hue.

Step 1: Custom Shade:

Custom shade appointments at our lab typically take 10-15 minutes.
The available hours for custom shade are as follows:
Monday - Friday
8:30 - 11:30 AM
1:30 - 4:00 PM

Step 2: Shade Verification:

To ensure that the patient is happy with their restorations end result, our technicians will invite your patient to come back to the lab and approve the shade.

*Since custom shade appointments are dependent on your patient's availability, please allot for the additional days it may take to fabricate the restoration.

Repair & Reline

Our technicians will gladly reline or repair your patient's dentures to ensure optimal function and comfort. Our repair and reline service offers a quick turnaround, and an end result that will ensure a better fit, healthy dental ridges, and proper promotion of nutrition and health.