Fixed Restorations



Provisional restorations are a temporary solution that offer natural-looking esthetics for temporary needs. Provisionals provide esthetics in addition to stabilization and/or function until the permanent prosthesis is ready. Oral Designs offers provisionals fabricated out of PMMA and Radica.

Our PMMA provisionals are fabricated using fracture-resistant materials, these CAD/CAM provisional restorations feature extremely precise fits, natural esthetics, and provide protection for the teeth and gums.

Our Radica provisionals boast beautiful esthetics. These provisionals also possess outstanding strength, durability, and excellent wear-resistant characteristics.


Bridges, full arches, crowns, complex cases, including multi-unit situations

Patients with sensitivity to acrylate (acrylic) resins. NOT a fixed, definitive restoration

When you receive your case, simply reline the Oral-Temps chairside using jet acrylic for an esthetic long-term provisional option. Use temporary cement on your temporaries.

  • D2970 Temporary Crown