Fixed Restorations



Veneers are one of the most accepted smile enhancement techniques in dentistry. Put our veneer team to work to close spaces, reshape, and fix stained and chipped teeth, and make your patient’s dream of a smile makeover a reality.

Ultra Thin Veneers

Feldspathic veneers are made with a hand stacking technique where small amounts of porcelain with different opacities, levels of brightness, and color are artfully laid down and a tooth form is built up. Less drilling is needed usually because feldspathic veneers match existing tooth shades better than pressed coping veneers do. The custom craftsmanship process of building feldspathic restorations yields a vibrant and vital appearance to the veneers that can create the most natural and lifelike smile makeovers that can be achieved.

IPS e.max®

Lithium disilicate veneers offer beautiful esthetics, precision fit and high flexural strength.


Lumineers® is the #1 patient-requested veneer. Lumineers are fabricated in cerinate® feldspathic pressable porcelain. Their low viscosity glass allows for the pressing of restorations as thin as 0.3mm with exceptional strength. At 216 MPa, Lumineers are made with the strongest leucite-reinforced ceramic on the market and show low wear rates against opposing dentition when compared to conventional veneers.